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Body Shops

Come in for a free estimate
We would be happy to assist you in the collision repair process at our auto body shop, we are experts in collision repair. Let us take some of the stress off of you by allowing us to take control of the collision process.


Most customers don’t know what to expect when they bring their vehicle to a repair center. The first thing that needs to happen is for our body shop manager to inspect the car and fill out a written estimate. An estimate is a visual damage report. It is the damage that can be physically seen at the time of the inspection. All of the damage can be identified once the vehicle is disassembled and a damage report can be completed. A damage report is the blueprint for restoring your vehicle to pre-accident condition.

Body Shop
The body shop is where your vehicle is first disassembled to identify any additional damage. Next the vehicle repair process begins. If frame repairs are needed, we have the equipment to get your vehicle back to pre-loss condition. We use a computerized frame machine to be able to verify and record the condition of your frame repair. This is where your vehicle is restored to factory specifications. Any panel repair or replacement takes place next, and the vehicle damage is primed and prepared for our paint process.

Paint Shop
At Professional Auto Body we can restore your vehicle to its factory finish and correct color match. We use only the best, PPG paint.

Vehicle re-assembly, sublet and final inspection

After our paint process is completed, the vehicle reaches the final stages of the collision repair process. As the repairs are completed, we re-assemble every panel, meticulously verifying that everything has been done properly and correctly, even to the last nut, bold and clip. Any sublet items, such as glass, tires or alignments, are done now. Before we present you with your restored vehicle, we follow and adhere to strict quality control measures and guidelines to ensure that everything has been done professionally and perfectly during the process of returning the vehicle to its pre-loss condition.


Our wreckers are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you need your vehicle towed, day or night, just call (850)541-3454.  Local free towing is provided for all repairs over $600.00.
Questions? Please visit us at  Mechanic Advisor .
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