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How To Choose A Body Shop

1. Choice : Remember, it is your choice as a policyholder and the owner of the vehicle to choose which body shop repairs your damaged vehicle. First, do not let the insurance company tell you where you have to take the vehicle repaired. In most cases, they have contracts with the shop, which will save them money in return for sending them your vehicle. In this case, the insurance company saves money; the body shop gets the work, but has to cut corners to keep the costs down for the insurance company. After paying the insurance company all the inflated premiums and your deductible to the body shop, you stand the possibility of getting a substandard repair. If the insurance company tries to force you to go to a certain body shop, you can be sure they have an agreement called "a direct repair program"(DRP) with the body shop for discounts and control.

 2. Warranty : If the insurance company tells you they will not warrant the repairs of the shop of your choice, you need to know that the insurance company does not provide the warranty. All quality body shops provide a warranty for as long as you own your car.

 3. Customer Service : A good body shop will fix your car back to pre-loss condition. A great body shop will make it seem as if the accident never happened. You will not be treated like a number and they should be more interested in your needs and concerns than their own gross profit. Find a shop that makes you feel comfortable.

 4. Estimate : Be aware that all estimates are not the same. Some shops have sales people write a low estimate to get you into the shop while others use qualified personnel who have been involved in the repair process who can explain the repair who complete a thorough estimate. Equally important, the highest estimate is not always the best.

 5 .OEM, Aftermarket, or Used Parts : OEM=original equipment manufacturer, Aftermarket=parts manufactured by other than OEM, Used=salvage parts. Make sure you understand what kind of parts are to be used in the repair. All insurance policies include the ability to use aftermarket or used parts when available. On older cars, this may be acceptable, but on a relatively new vehicle, this may not be an acceptable option. Some insurance companies offer a policy which includes only OEM parts.
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